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About Lahore

‘One who has not seen Lahore was not really born,’ goes an old Punjabi maxim. Lahore is one of the very few cities in the world, which takes pride in its own ubiquitous lifestyle. Its traditions, dialect, festivities, cuisine, body language, and air are typically Lahori, unlike any other city. Lahore, being the provincial capital of Punjab (Pakistan), is a center of brisk economic and political activities. It has always been the city of poets, saints, philosophers, and artists; the prime citadel of education and learning in Pakistan. It is a business and industrial center too. It has everything that a city needs to be called ‘great.’ Present-day Lahore has two parts: old and new (more precisely, northern and southern Lahore). The old city, which was once enclosed by a wall with twelve gigantic gates, has now transcended the protective wall. Narrow winding streets, historical monuments, grand havelis, crowded bazaars, and cuisine centerscharacterize the old city. Modern architecture, open boulevards, and fashionable shopping malls makeup the southern part of the city. The two, old and new, are separated by The Mall, Lahore’s most beautiful avenue.