PHS 4.0

About PHS 4.0

The world has identified Halal Industry as a new source of economic growth. Pakistan Halal Summit 4.0 aims at catalyzing Pakistan’s strengths towards the development of its Halal Industry holistically. Pakistan has the potential of becoming a leading player in global halal business and eventually can become the international hub for Halal products, services, standards and certifications. PHS 4.0 brings together an analysis of the Halal industry trends and projections, both Global as well as in Pakistan and assesses the industry developments based on focused sectors.

Pakistan Halal Summit 4.0 comprises world-class keynote speakers, industry-led presentations, as well as extensive networking B2B opportunities, creating an interactive platform for high-level scientific and business discussions. This conference will allow us to exchange experiences and knowledge, create new partnerships and discuss aspects that may improve the Global Halal Economy. The conclusion and the recommendations drawn from thought provoking talks, concrete suggestions and experience sharing by the learned speakers and participants, will be documented and disseminated to the policy makers, legislators, academia, industry and relevant international organizations for execution and implementation